Sunshiny Summer News: Poems in Print!

Sea Dreams and Time Machines

Happy summer, all! In the wake of last week’s downright delightful Supreme Court decisions on health care and marriage equality, I have less-momentous but much more immediately personal good news; I have four poems that are being published this summer on Window Cat Press.

Window Cat is an online literary journal run by a fabulous trio of poet/artist/editors, who are dedicated to bringing the work of young & emerging poets, writers, and artists to the wider world. Their mission is to “seek to celebrate, inspire, innovate, and play.” About the poems that will appear there, they said:

“We were charmed by the interplay of light and color in Michele’s photographs and thrilled by the rhythmic beauty of your words.”

You can imagine my key-smashing delight!


Publication date will be sometime mid-summer; as soon as the issue is live I will be posting the link here, as well as…

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