Meet the Artists

Michele Morris
Michele Morris

Michele Morris, photographer

Michele is passionate about filmmaking of all kinds. An award-winning commercial producer, Michele’s talent encompasses international productions, visual effects and a Super Bowl commercial. Working with Academy Award-winning cinematographers and cutting edge talent around the globe has enhanced Michele’s photographic eye and fuels her passion for photography. Michele entered the world of photography taking candids of her baby brother and sister and portraits of her extensive family. She got serious about taking pictures in high school when her Uncle Richie gave her a camera for her trip out west as an AFS Exchange Student to the Navajo Indian Reservation. It was her first time traveling alone. First time out west. First time seeing real cowboys and Native Americans. Many of the tribe did not like having their images captured on film so Michele developed an eye for capturing the world sans people. Huge vistas, endless skies and evidence of people by their marks left upon this world. Inspired by light and the diversity of life, Michele’s photographs use color, texture, and graphic lines to explore the wonders of this world. Add the beautiful prose of her cousin, Meg, and something magical occurs.

Visit Michele Morris’ photograph portfolio.

Michele’s photograph “Blooming Cactus Top” from her series “Architect of Flowers” received Honorable Mention in the Women in Photography International Juried Competition. Her series “Big Sky” was chosen by Open Show LA for exhibition at Venice Arts Gallery. Photograph “Untitled #10” from her series “Lustrous Incandescence” was chosen for the “Art by Creatives” Exhibition in Culver City. Michele was one of fourteen artists featured in the Venice Arts Twentieth Anniversary Spectacular, her photograph “Street View #4” was chosen for the exhibit. Two of Michele’s photographs are represented by the Duncan Miller Gallery and can be found at – a resource for collectors of fine art photography.


Margaret Winikates
Margaret Winikates

Margaret Winikates, poet



Margaret Winikates is a writer and museum professional from Boston, MA. She writes poetry and fiction as well as Brain Popcorn, a blog on interdisciplinary education. She majored in English Literature and Language at Harvard University and studied poetry and composition with Peter Sacks and Douglas Powell. She still lives in Massachusetts and particularly enjoys walking by the water on her way home from work and scuba diving off the North Shore beaches once the weather warms. (Meg is also very jealous of the fact that Michele can see dolphins from her front porch.)

About Writing

“I owe my love of words to my parents, who read aloud to me tirelessly throughout childhood. Through their voices I absorbed the musicality of language, and learned to love the way poetry can have the drama of a play, the punch of a headline, and the comfort of a favorite novel. For me, poetry exists in the liminal spaces between people and their environment, or between reality and fantasy. Reading poetry evokes the same emotions I get standing beside the ocean, under a mountain’s shadow, or tipping my head back to stare into the sweep of a ‘blue true dream of sky.’ I aim to write that feeling, to find the personal connection within the sight of infinity. To that end, combining my words with Michele’s photography feels like a perfect pairing.”

Writing Credits and Honors:
+ “The Storyvore” short fiction published on Zetetic: A Record of Unusual Inquiry, November 2015.
+ “Swing into the sway,” “Punk rock beauty,” “How may I learn to sit like a lotus?,” and “The Bees Know” (poems) published on Window Cat Press, Summer 2015.
+ “Biofeedback” short fiction published on Connected, October 2014.
+ “Float then Flicker” photo/poetry triptych by Meg Winikates and Michele Morris featured in Venice Arts Gallery’s 21st Gala show and Open Show LA, October 2014, part of the photo/poetry book, Palettes of Light
+ Winner, Harvard Book Store Haiku Contest, June 2014

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