Upcoming Events: NEMA’s ‘Pop-Up Museum’

Meg at a watercolor class at PEM
Meg at a watercolor class at PEM

I’m fortunate that my day job (as a museum educator) allows me to be creative on a regular basis, in addition to my writing career and artistic hobbies.  Occasionally, the two even intersect in a fun way, such as when I recently got to write a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ style gallery guide for kids and adults to explore the Peabody Essex Museum’s maritime collection, or in a few weeks at the annual local museum conference.

Palettes of Light will be ‘popping up’ at the New England Museum Association’s pre-conference event this November in Cambridge, MA.  NEMA is hosting a ‘Pop-Up Museum.’   Pop-up museums are defined as ‘an exhibit created by the people who attend the event, on a particular theme, for a limited period of time.’  This event’s theme invites museum professionals to exhibit what they create outside of work.  I’m looking forward to providing my addition: sample images and poems from the project, and am especially looking forward to seeing what other creative endeavors are presented by friends and colleagues.

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