Introducing Palettes of Light

swing into the sway cropped
Palettes of Light began with Michele’s desire to add an extra dimension to her photography.  As a long-time fan of poetry, she reached out to Meg to propose a collaboration.  In an early conversation, Meg said she found herself drawn to both Michele’s floral close-ups and the high-energy luminous abstracts.  On a second look, Michele suggested that the sharp focus of one balanced the abstract nature of the other, and that they could be paired by color, form, and feeling.  Such a pairing lends each photograph more layers, like a soundtrack under a compelling piece of dialogue.  Intrigued by the idea, Meg offered to write a poem for each pair which could apply to both at once, but which would read a little differently depending on the image the reader preferred. Thus Palettes of Light was born.
Find out more about Michele and Meg on our “Meet the Artists” page.
swing into the sway floral cropped

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